My very first post had introduced our cat, Sam. Unlike most dogs, cats live in their own world and are not of much use to humans. Yet, they are a great source of entertainment.

Sam has the habit of jumping on the window sill and making his way towards the computer. Once there, he would sit right in front of the monitor obstructing our view. When reprimanded, he would run away but not before jumping on the keyboard, his paws typing random letters. Cat_01 Once, he happened to type in Google, the letters coming up as hjjjj…etc. and believe it or not, Google displayed some results.

A well dressed electrician once came to repair our TV. He was wearing white shirt and black pant and was quite bulky. He dragged a chair, sat comfortably and did the repairing work. After he had completed, he got up. My wife was shocked to see that the back of his black pant had turned designer, filled with white cat feathers. It was awkward to tell him and so she let him discover the truth in the comfort of his own home.

Initially, my wife used to keep the cat at a distance. She used to call out to him endearingly, mollycoddle him but without any physical contact. Eventually, the cat warmed up to her and, one day, when she was occupied, he slid near to her. He moved his body along her legs, his way of showing affection. The shocked wife jumped up with a shriek. The even more frightened cat kept its tail between his legs and ran like an express train.

Sam is very fond of preying on lizards. The moment he spots a lizard, he is very animated, neck arched, body swaying slightly, jumping desperately to the highest possible point. Yet, in our house, the lizard makes a rare appearance near the tube light to swallow small insects. This is a big disadvantage for Sam because he does not have a high enough perch nearby from where he can jump and grab the lizard. He is yet to open his account with a single lizard but still he does not give up. The moment he spots a lizard, he is all battle ready, following it intently with his eyes and movements. Cat_02Often, after prolonged waiting, he comes to one of us, with his front paws raised on the chair, looking pleadingly and meowing to help him out. We do attempt to make the lizard come closer to Sam and any movement of the normally still lizard sends Sam to raptures. Nevertheless, the tiny lizard is smart enough to quickly disappear into unreachable crevices.

However, he has had considerable success in preying on small insects that hover around, especially during monsoons. He takes his time chasing the insect, pins it down with a firm grip and finishes them off. At times he has had to withdraw when the insect bites back. Sometimes, we help him by luring the insect down from where he can lunge at them.

On one occasion, a lizard was waiting near the tube light. As usual, Sam was all excited raring to make a dinner of the lizard. As in the past, he had absolutely no chance of reaching anywhere near his prized catch. However, his attention was temporarily distracted by an insect on the wall. To help him out, we nudged the insect and made it come down. An excited Sam swung his paws at the insect which panicked, flew up towards the tube light and straight into the mouth of the waiting lizard.

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  1. sekhar chandrasekhar says:

    nice…almost serene! rita’s shriek and sam’s express run …a laugh riot!!

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