A popular radio station in Delhi decided to have a program on ‘Kiss of Love’ for the general public. People would simply come and express their support for those demanding right of expression by writing on the wall.

The organizers approached the mall management. They said you will have to get written permission of GOLMAL (Guardians of Order, Law, Morality and Licenses). GOLMAL asked them about music royalty. Since there was going to be no music at the event, GOLMAL gave them written permission to go ahead.

The radio station started publicizing the event in their programs. This reached the ears of OUCH (Organization that Upholds Culture and Hinduism). An OUCH representative called up the radio station.

“What is this kiss wiss that you are planning?”

“We are having an event at a mall where people will show their support by writing on a solid wall.”

“Idea is solid, but we don’t want it.”


“Kissing in public is against our culture.”

“Nobody is kissing in public. We are just gathering to express our support”.

“You are playing with danger. We can’t allow the idea to spread. What will happen to our Sanskriti? Our parampara ? Our ancient traditions pure as Ganga mother?”

“But, Sir, the Ganga is polluted”.

“Cancel the program, or else……

The radio station continued to publicize the program. OUCH called up GOLMAL.

“Inspector saab, this will be a blot on our culture. If you don’t take action, we will do so, in our style.”

“Don’t worry, we will take care of it”.

“But, you have given written permission.”

“You just wait and watch”.

GOLMAL called up Mall management. “See that this event should not take place”.

“They have got all the permissions in place, including yours.”

“All that is fine. Just tell them it is not possible, give them any excuses.”

Mall management could not defy GOLMAL. Neither could they blame them. When people came to make arrangements for the event, they refused telling them that GOLMAL has told them not to allow it.”

“We have already got the required permission. What other permissions do we need to get?” Mall management refused to elaborate.

GOLMAL called up the radio station. “It is better if you cancel the event. It may become a problem for you. If anything happens, you cannot count on us.”

There was no other option but to cancel the event.

The question remains, whom to blame?

The official line of mall management is “ We have not stopped them from conducting the event. They should have all the permissions in place. It is the responsibility of the client to get the required permissions.” When quizzed about missing permits, they had no answer.

The official line of GOLMAL, “ We have given them written permission. If they don’t conduct the event, we cannot be blamed. We do not know why they cancelled. We didn’t stop it”.

The self-congratulatory official line of OUCH, “We have moved a step ahead in our long crusade to preserve our culture.


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