I am Suresh Nair, a Mumbai based freelance writer.  In my rather long writing career, I have contributed to ‘The Times of India’ besides other publications.

I have worked on newsletters and brochures for leading corporate groups, worked as Technical Writer for two IT firms, managed technical library and information services, edited house journal for a leading electrical engineering major; at various stages, worked as copywriter, editor, web content writer and so on.

I have authored ‘Skills Digest’, a comprehensive workbook written as an enabler for school, college and professional education students to thrive in class as well as in the examination hall; in the process of designing trainings based on the book.

In fact, I have dived into every kind of writing (including book writing) but the irony is that I am a qualified Industrial Electronics engineer. The only engineering work that I do is change the tube-light after repeated pleadings from my wife.




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